ECE Leadership, Management & Administration:

Self Review Guidelines:

Educational Leadership Project:


Te Aka Māori Dictionary: Useful translation tool as well as spelling and grammatical checks e.g. tohutō/macrons

Click on the link below, this will give you instructions on how to install the Māori Keyboard macroniser to your computer:

Govt reo expectation:

Govt reo extension:

Educational Leadership: Māori Leadership Concepts

TED is non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading

The RSA Animate series was conceived as an innovative, accessible and unique way of illustrating and sharing the world changing ideas

Brainwave Trust: a registered charity that educates the community about the latest research in early brain development from a diverse range of fields. or

Kimberley Crisp: Professional Development

Pennie Brownlee: Professional Development

Touch the Future: This site looks at the learning/development of adults to support children’s development.

New Zealand Teachers Council:

Let the children play:  Hundreds of ideas for outdoor play and learning, all in one spot to make searching simple:


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