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My kids have been attending Central Kids Mercury Bay in Whitianga since February and I just wanted to comment on how fabulous the staff have been in helping the kids settle in and enjoying their time there.

I especially want to say a big thank you to Lorna who has been instrumental in making the kindergarten what it is today. She has got amazing vision and has transformed it into a place where kids love to play and feel comfortable and safe.

Vicki Bosson (Central Kids Mercury Bay)


My name is Jade Tawhiti and I am the Principal of Waitakaruru School. I recently attended a special lunch at my sons kindergarten in Ngātea. It was a BBQ lunch for kids and their whānau to celebrate 'full day Wednesdays' or something like that. It was a very neat occasion and my wife and I enjoyed spending time with our son.

What I was particularly impressed with was the use of Te Reo Māori at the centre. Our lunch was blessed by the teachers and children with a karakia, reo commands were used throughout and the whole centre had loads of reo signs etc on the walls.

I am very impressed to see our early childhood centres embrace and value Reo Māori as part of our dual heritage as NZers. Well done to Central Kids Ngātea and all the staff. You are awesome.

Jade Tawhiti (Central Kids Ngātea)


To the Amazing Teachers at Golden Sands Early Childhood!

Thank you for embracing my daughter's obsession with Michael Jackson and continuing to develop her passion for the creative arts.  I am completely blown away by the extra lengths you have gone to ensure she has further experiences and happy moments based around "THE KING OF POP".

When I got home yesterday, Isabelle couldn't wait to tell me that her teacher had given her a special surprise.  My husband felt blessed after seeing Isabelle's face light up and we both agreed that nothing is more satisfying than knowing our child is loved when not in our care!

I really enjoyed reading about Isabelle's experiences and seeing the photos that captured the moment.

Your hard work is totally appreciated!

Deb (Central Kids Golden Sands)


Thank you for the Kete bag you prepared for Myah, she loved receiving it and felt so special that she had some books to read just like Poppy gets from school.  We read regularly with Myah each night before bed and she more often than not chooses 'The twelve dancing princesses' story given to her from kindy.  I think this is a great incentive from the centre as it emphasised to me that preparation for school is not just about making children sit down and learn how to write their name and recite the ABC, but is about laying the foundations so our children are ready and eager to learn when they do get to school.

I would also just like to say how impressed I have been with the centre recently, all the staff are so friendly and welcoming in the mornings when I drop Myah off, which is really lovely for both me and Myah to be greeted so warmly by everyone.  I love the activities you have been doing recently, in particular the dress Myah made with Whaea Patti, the "boating room" that you have created and the regular little walks and excursions you have been doing with the children.  I think you guys work really hard to individualise your teaching to the children's specific needs and interests which is very impressive, I just wanted you to know that all your hard work does not go unnoticed and thanks for everything you do.

Liz Plank (Central Kids Golden Sands)


Sua has been learning here for two years now, which has become her second home.  She has been taught the language, good manners and behaviours, and living skills.  She has built up a good relationship and has a deep love for her teachers and friends here.

At home she is sometimes our coach and teacher in our playtime.  It surprises me that Sua knows all about persistence, academic, social and emotional coaching which I've just learnt form a parenting course and I'm very excited to apply it to coaching her.  In fact, when we are playing with each other, she's very good at coaching me, not me coaching her.

We acknowledge that she has fully developed both mentally and physically.  We are very grateful for your education, care, consideration, support, hard work and devotion.

We'll miss you all.

Sua's parents (Central Kids Whaihanga)


We want to thank you all for the wonderful care you have provided for our daughters, Sophie & Lily.

Lily is spending her last day at your centre today and starts school at the beginning of next term.  She is leaving a very confident, caring and happy young girl and we are grateful to you all for your pivotal role in helping her to achieve this.

Lily has loved Golden Sands daycare and she speaks fondly of you all.  We have been particularly impressed by the effort various staff have put into helping Lily to follow her interests and achieve projects like making her "mouse house" and making her wearable art dresses.

She has greatly enjoyed and benefited from the interesting outings organised by staff at your centre.  We believe her care has been of top quality because your staff have shown her kindness, a sense of humour, cuddles and love and good boundary setting!  The consistency of staff over the years has been very comforting.

Thank you also for the support you have given us as busy working parents.

Golden Sands is a really great daycare, thank you again for helping us to raise our daughters.

Juanita & Clarke Raymond (Central Kids Golden Sands)


Deane and I can’t thank you enough for the past 2½ years.  Kenzee has been very fortunate to have had such an inspirational start to learning.  We only hope her next three years will be as exciting, rewarding and successful as the last.  You have helped her develop into the person she is today!

We are proud of her stong personality and sense of independence.  We believe you have fostered and encouraged her to strive to achieve anything she wants.  Kenzee has been given every opportunity she has wanted and has learnt so many valuable skills from these.

Not once has she ever said I don’t want to go to kindy, in fact I have to fight with her when she isnt well, because she wants to go!

Kenzee has been provided with a stimulating, excting and positive learning environment for her entire time at Central Kids Hazelmere (which has been a long time!).  We are certainly going to miss the stories we have at the dinner table (we won’t miss the time it takes her to eat her dinner though, because she is not allowed to talk with a mouth full).

Thank you , thank you, thank you for all you have done for Kenzee and Addison.  You are truly amazing ladies!!!!

Ange & Deane Mark (Central Kids Hazelmere)


We have been involved with Central Kids Early Learning Centre Dinsdale for over 7 years with all three of our boys attending at different times.  We thoroughly enjoy being part of the centre which is cosy and family orientated.  The teacher to child ratio is fantastic and the staff turnover is very low so our children have built up special bonds with their teachers over the years and this makes them very secure in their environment.  The staff are great at encouraging my children’s natural curiosity and exploration as well as exposing them to culture and socialisation with others.  My older boys still enjoy going back to visit.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dinsdale to other families, my children certainly love it there.

Jenn Rangitaawa (Central Kids Dinsdale)


As a parent of two children who attended Central Kids Kindergarten Northwood for nearly two years, I cannot speak highly enough about our wonderful experience at Northwood.
The teachers and support staff make Northwood stand out as a very welcoming, friendly, caring, and safe environment for our children.

As the committee co-ordinator, I can now see the hard work, and huge amount of passion, and dedication that goes into making Northwood Kindergaten what it is.
I would not hesitate to recommend Northwood to anyone looking for quality early childhood education.

My children have now started school with many of their Northwood friends. I am very happy knowing that we had the best start possible in our educational journey.

Sally McHardy (Central Kids Northwood)


My children love Central Kids Early Learning Centre Morrinsville!  They are always in a great hurry to get there in the morning and often reluctant to leave in the afternoon.  The teachers are always enthusiastic and have developed wonderful nurturing relationships with my children.   I am always confident that their physical and emotional needs are being met in a friendly, caring and stimulating environment.   I love hearing about the fun my children have had, the new things they have learnt and the friendships they are building.

Linda Jensen-Gaiger (Central Kids Early Learning Centre Morrinsville)


Central Kids Kindergarten Edgecumbe provides an exciting, fun and safe place for all children to learn.  It provides an excellent variety of resources for both inside and outside learning to take place.  The friendly and enthusiastic teachers ensure that this learning is child-centred and motivated.  Kindergarten trips are a highlight for the children and their parents alike, and these trips are always closely linked with learning that has been taking place within the kindergarten setting.  The children’s profiles reflect learning that has occurred and children are strongly encouraged to share this with their parents.  Parents are also encouraged to contribute in areas that they may be knowledgeable about.

Edgecumbe has a great Transition to School program, which includes taking the kindergarten children to visit Edgecumbe Primary School annually.  As well as this, the kindergarten teachers visit the surrounding schools New Entrant rooms every term.  This excites the children who have moved onto primary school to see their “Old Kindy Teachers".

As parents we are very happy with the education our two children have received at Edgecumbe.  We thoroughly recommend it to other parents looking to enrol their children in a pre-school learning environment which is inclusive, fun, and exciting.

 Kirsty and Lyndon Reid (Central Kids Edgecumbe)


Central Kids Morrinsville has been great for my daughter's confidence, they have nurtured her interests in horses and music.

Jackie McAra (Central Kids Kindergarten Morrinsville)


My son has come so far with his speaking and writing his own name at the age of 3.  He thrives and keeps asking to go back to kindergarten on the weekends and holidays.  We love Central Kids Morrinsville.

Kerry Eagles (Central Kids Kindergarten Morrinsville)



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