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World Children’s Day

At kindergarten, teachers were discussing ideas to celebrate World Children's Day and Allie suggested a Teddy Bears Picnic.  Children were invited to bring their favourite toy to kindergarten for the day.

On the day a gazebo was set up outside for us all to sit under to share our picnic.  We had the story 'In the woods' about bears, Bubba, Rollo and Pog attending their own picnic.

There were ice blocks, iced animal biscuits, teddy biscuits, watermelon, cucumber and apples for us to enjoy.

It was great that so many family / whānau members called in and spent some time on this day – knowing full well just how important celebrating our children is.  It is all about 'treasuring our children, by giving time, praising and encouraging, listening and talking, sharing love and affection and exploring new experiences'.


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