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Central Kids Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres are a safe, fun learning environment where children interact with other children, adults, teachers, the environment and high quality resources, learning new skills in readiness for their next step in their education, school.  At Central Kids, our mission is to prepare your child for this important transition.

What do children learn?
At Central Kids, your child is supported to:

  • Share and cooperate with others
  • Develop and maintain friendships
  • Become independent (but not afraid to ask for help)
  • Select and make choices
  • Learn maths concepts, especially through maths games, sand, water and block play
  • Discover reading and writing
  • Increase their language, listening and creativity through stories, poems, puppets, games, singing and music
  • Develop research skills
  • Babies and toddlers are nurtured in a safe and caring environment

Initial settling in and socialising – your child’s first day
We know how challenging the first day can be for parent and child, so we welcome your involvement during the settling in period.

Our staff always try to accommodate each family/whānau’s needs by allowing parents to be a part of the settling-in period for as long as necessary.

Our professionally trained team are there to provide support in whichever way is necessary, and we welcome any questions you may have.

On their first day, you will need to bring:

  • A small backpack or bag
  • A change of clothes
  • A small, healthy snack (plus lunch if it’s a four to six hour session)

Your child will be introduced to the other children and teachers will assist in establishing new friendships.  New children are closely monitored during the settling-in period to ensure that they are adjusting well.

We have a great team!
We pride ourselves on the fact that our team of committed staff are friendly and caring, and always actively engaged in the children’s learning.

Our teachers are all fully qualified and registered, and are ably assisted by experienced teacher aides.  We are committed to providing ongoing professional development, often bringing in professionals to train our staff.  Staff performance appraisals are conducted regularly in order to ensure the highest standard of learning for your child.

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